Water Security Agency

Voluntary Stewardship Agreement

Landowners who wish to conserve a parcel of native prairie and/or a riparian area, may decide to enter into a voluntary stewardship agreement. Under such an agreement, landowners volunteer to:

  • Maintain and protect their native prairie and/or riparian areas to the best of their ability
    While many landowners already practice good land stewardship, this agreement emphasizes the commitment of landowners to continue good management in the future.
  • Notify us of any planned land use change that might impact the native prairie and/or riparian areas
    By contacting us before changing land management practices, landowners can access information on how to minimize any negative impacts on the site.
  • Notify us of any intent to sell or transfer ownership of the areas under the agreement
    This will allow us to contact the new owner to offer information on the value of the natural habitat and discuss the stewardship program.

The contribution of each voluntary steward to the conservation of prairie and/or riparian areas, will be formally recognized with a sign and certificate of appreciation. Also, the
Watershed Planning Branch can offer expertise and provide information in the areas of land management and biological data.

If desired, landowners can be put in touch with our partner organizations, including Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Agri-Environmental Services Branch, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Archaeology Society of Saskatchewan, Nature Saskatchewan, the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

In simple terms, stewardship means taking good care of the land. In becoming voluntary stewards, landowners demonstrate their commitment to the long-term conservation of Saskatchewan’s prairie heritage.

For more information contact a Water Security Agency regional office near you.