Water Security Agency


Farm Calls

Our staff can personally visit your operation to help you to achieve your land and water management goals. We can assist you with understanding what Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) are, which BMPs could benefit you, and how to apply them. We can also provide information on various programs that are offered throughout the province and how land managers can get involved. These programs provide various services; from information resources to funding that will assist land managers with applying BMPs. 

Help With Accessing Funding 

Various programs are offered throughout the province to assist land managers with applying Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) on their operations. Our services include helping land managers identify potential funding sources, and assisting land managers with completing the application process required to receive that funding. 

Grazing Management Planning 

We can provide land managers with resources to aid them with grazing management planning. Resources that are available include air photos, stocking tables, range/riparian assessments, and soil maps to help land managers with drawing up pasture plans. 

Field Days 

Field days are organized to provide land managers with hands-on training in range or riparian assessments and/or the opportunity to view how other land managers in the region have applied Beneficial Management Practices.

Assisting Watershed Groups 

Partnerships and Plan Implementation staff provide technical assistance and support to watershed groups that are implementing Source Water Protection Plans. These services can include helping with projects and events, supporting Technical Advisory Committees, assisting with efforts to contact land managers, providing direction regarding Beneficial Management Practices, and contributing technical writing for funding applications.