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State of the Watershed Report – 2010

The Government of Saskatchewan released Saskatchewan’s second State of the Watershed Report on March 29, 2010. Saskatchewan’s State of the Watershed Report is a benchmark tool for assessing watershed health to ensure source water protection and sufficient water supplies in Saskatchewan.

Effective environmental policies, decision-making and management of our watersheds requires relevant, accessible, timely, understandable and scientifically-defensible information. To date, most data required for decision support have not been systematically converted into information. To address this critical gap, the Water Security Agency developed the State of the Watershed Reporting Framework. The State of the Watershed Report, based on that framework, will provide a basis for governments, decision-makers, industry and the community to act in the long-term interest of environmental sustainability.

The report uses indicators to assess the current health of Saskatchewan’s watersheds, provide information about human activities that impact the environment within watersheds, and evaluate the effectiveness of the management activities. All of this information is presented in an easy-to-understand report card format.

State of the Watershed Report – 2010

Appendix A – Condition Indicators

Appendix B – Stressor Indicators

Appendix C – Response Indicators


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