Water Security Agency

Swift Current Creek Watershed

Residents of the Swift Current Creek watershed, with technical assistance and support from the federal and provincial governments and private sector partners, have completed the Swift Current Creek Watershed Protection Plan.

The plan contains 62 key actions which focus on enhancing water quality and stream health within the watershed by promoting awareness and understanding among water users. This plan was developed in partnership with the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards, and calls on all levels of government, as well as non-government organizations, businesses, and private landowners, to take action to protect the area’s water resources.

For more information, contact:

Kevin Steinley, Executive Director
Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards
Box 1088
Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 3X3
Phone: (306) 770-4607
Fax: (306) 778-5020
E-mail: or

Also, visit the official website of the Swift Current Creek Watershed, to learn about how this group is driving the implementation of the Swift Current Creek Watershed Source Water Protection Plan.

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