Water Security Agency

Business Plan

I am pleased to present the Water Security Agency’s (WSA) Business Plan for 2023-24.

In 2023-24, WSA continues to focus on ensuring Saskatchewan’s water resources support Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for the Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030. WSA provides safe, reliable water that drives economic growth through management of the province’s vital water supplies.

WSA continues to focus on improving programs and services to better serve the citizens of Saskatchewan. In 2022-23, WSA created new units to support economic development and improve client services. This year, these units will work with clients to explore new opportunities to contribute to Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for the Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030.

Damage from floods is one of the costliest impacts from natural disasters in the province. As part of its mandate, WSA is the lead agency on flood mitigation for the province. This year, WSA will continue to protect communities through the Flood Hazard Identification and Mapping Program. This program works with at-risk communities to identify and map local flood risks. The data gathered from these studies helps local communities build mitigation plans to keep their homes and livelihoods safe.

As the agency responsible for 72 dams and other control structures across Saskatchewan, WSA has invaluable experience in operating, maintaining, and building water infrastructure. As such, WSA will be launching a pilot program to work with owners of infrastructure that either cross WSA-owned canals, or that cross channels downstream of WSA dams. This program will provide cost-sharing resources to ensure they meet the needs of their owners and are safe.

In addition to working with 3rd parties on their water infrastructure, WSA continues to invest in the safe operation and ongoing upkeep of province-owned dams and control structures. This year, WSA will continue to make significant capital investments for infrastructure and irrigation across Saskatchewan.

The Water Security Agency will report on progress towards the targets laid out in this plan, within the financial parameters provided, in the 2023-24 Annual Report.


Honourable Jeremy Cockrill
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

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