Water Security Agency

Reservoir Development Areas

In 2015, the Water Security Agency repealed The Reservoir Development Area RegulationsThe Recreation (Residential) District Building Regulations, 1969, and The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Regulations and incorporated provisions controlling land use immediately adjacent to the reservoirs into new Water Security Agency Regulations.

The repeal of The Reservoir Development Area Regulations and The Recreation (Residential) District Building Regulations, 1969 will reduce regulatory overlaps and simplify the planning and implementation of developments in the affected areas surrounding the following reservoirs (click to view the map of the area):

The Water Security Agency retained an interest in the development of lands surrounding these seven reservoirs through existing provisions of The Water Security Agency Act and the new Water Security Agency regulations. This interest is in addition to the existing regulatory processes contained in The Planning and Development Act, 2007, as well as relevant municipal planning and regulatory control.

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