Water Security Agency


The Water Security Agency is pleased to partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to promote the WaterSense label in Saskatchewan. In August 2010, the Council of the Federation (Canada’s Premiers) committed to “encouraging strong water efficiency and quality standards and regulation and the development of a Canada-wide water efficiency labelling program.”

 Water Sense

This partnership with the US EPA is the outcome of that effort. Environment Canada took the lead in the development of this partnership while Saskatchewan is the third province to sign on along with BC and Ontario. It is expected other provinces across the country will also enter into this promotional partnership.This partnership will help the Water Security Agency to better fulfill its mandate in terms of responsible management of water quantity. It will also assist in delivering programs, as it will help consumers to more easily identify water efficient products.

What is WaterSense?

WaterSense is a water efficiency labelling program for water using appliances that identifies products that use less water and perform as well as, if not better than, conventional models.

Why implement it in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan residents use an average of 365 litres per capita daily. Changing our water use does not need to impact our lifestyle, it can be significantly reduced by simply changing the appliances we use. WaterSense labelled appliances save 20 per cent or more water than their conventional counterparts.

Environment Canada recently signed on as a Promotional Partner with the US EPA for WaterSense. The focus in Canada will be on promoting WaterSense labelled products and water efficiency generally.

Why WaterSense?

WaterSense products are already recognized by consumers; there is a general opinion that there is no need to start from scratch by creating a new program.In August of 2010, the Council of the Federation committed to encouraging strong water efficiency and quality standards and regulations and the development of a Canada-wide water efficiency labelling program. This is the outcome of that effort.

Where can we find WaterSense labelled products?

WaterSense labelled products are already available at your local Saskatchewan retailers.

How does WaterSense impact manufacturers?

Manufacturers can use the label if they receive independent, third-party certification that confirms their product meets the WaterSense criteria.