Water Security Agency

Channel Clearing

The Saskatchewan government recognizes the hard work of Saskatchewan rural municipalities (RMs) and Conservation and Development Associations (C&Ds), which are on the front lines of local water management across the province. This is why the Water Security Agency (WSA) has increased support for the Channel Clearing program with $1.5 million available in 2021-22.

WSA’s Channel Clearing Assistance for Local Governments is a rebate program offering cost sharing for local governments — including RMs, C&Ds and watershed associations — to assist with channel clearing activities within natural watercourses.

Obstructed creeks and channels cause flooding and erosion problems to many RMs and local landowners. This program supports RMs in the removal of these obstructions. WSA has also streamlined the Channel Clearing program to better support our clients by reducing some unnecessary steps in the application process.

Please see the documents below for more information:

Channel Clearing Guide for Local Governments: This guide contains information about WSA’s Channel Clearing program, program eligibility, application process and frequently asked questions.

Application Forms

Submit Appendix A before beginning any channel clearing activities:

Submit Appendix B after channel clearing activities are completed:

Details on where to send each form are included within the document.