Water Security Agency

Channel Clearing & Drainage Project Maintenance Rebate Program

The Saskatchewan government recognizes the crucial role played by rural municipalities (RMs), small urban municipalities (SUMs), watershed association boards (WABs), and conservation and development associations (C&Ds) in local water management. To support these efforts, the Water Security Agency (WSA) is allocating $1 million for the Channel Clearing and Drainage Maintenance Rebate Program in 2023-24.

This cost-sharing program aims to assist RMs, SUMs, C&Ds, WABs, and individual landowners in mitigating flooding of roadways and agricultural land caused by obstructed creeks and channels. It provides financial assistance for the removal of debris, sediment, and beaver dams from natural watercourses, as well as eligible drainage projects.

To better support our clients, WSA has streamlined the rebate program by eliminating unnecessary steps in the application process.

For more detailed information, including eligibility requirements, the application process, and frequently asked questions, please refer to the provided documents:

Program Guide

Application Forms