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Geotechnical Assessment of the Alameda Dam

The Water Security Agency owns Grant Devine Dam (known as Alameda Dam until 2017), a 42 metre high and 1250 metre long earth dam in souteastern Saskatchewan. In the spring of 2011 the reservoir was surcharged above its full supply level in order to decrease downstream flood flows resulting from high runoff. Concerns regarding the stability of the dam were raised when the displacements in the clay shale increased during reservoir surcharging. In response to the concerns, the Water Security Agency expedited a comprehensive stability evaluation. This paper describes the assessment methodology, and presents the main results and conclusions of the stability evaluation. The paper was published in the Canadian Dam Association Bulletin, Spring 2015, Vol. 26 No. 2, and received the 2015 Published Paper Award of Excellence from the Canadian Dam Association.

Geotechnical Assessment of the Alameda Dam