Water Security Agency

Domestic Water Well Management

When constructed and maintained properly a water well is capable of lasting generations. The publication entitled Landowners Guide to Water Well Management contains valuable information on the operation of the well.

The various aspect of water well management covered in the publication include:

  • Well head Integrity – on a large diameter bored well is the ground sloped away from the well and clay capped? For drilled wells has the casing been sealed with an appropriate material? This is commonly achieved with a suitable bentonite-based grout.
  • Shock chlorination – as part of the regular maintenance of a water well this should be completed two times per year. If the well has been flooded or contamination of the well is suspected then an additional shock chlorination is recommended.
  • Water Quality Analysis – regular testing of the untreated water is important. A comprehensive analysis (general chemical and trace metals) should be completed annually. Bacterialogical testing (ie: total coliform, ecoli) should be completed two times per year or any time the well is suspected of being contaminated.

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