Water Security Agency

Strategic Plan

The Water Security Agency launched its new Strategic Plan for 2022-2026. This will make significant gains in meeting and surpassing the goals of the Government of Saskatchewan’s 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.

The principles within the plan provided guidance for all the province’s work around water and groundwater supplies and these principles will continue to inform the agency’s planning and day-to-day operations. By replacing the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan with WSA’s Strategic Plan, WSA not only continues to build on the invaluable work already undertaken, but also reaffirms the commitment of the Government of Saskatchewan to maintaining a plan that is revisited on an annual basis.

The public places a very high value on water and therefore it is key that WSA’s new Strategic Plan adapts and responds to emerging challenges not foreseen when the 25 Year plan was originally developed. With the introduction of WSA’s new Strategic Plan, the agency is not only reviewing its Strategic Plan on an annual basis but renewing it every four years instead of five.