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The Hydrogeology Services group provides information and advice to the public on ground water resources and domestic water well maintenance. The interpretation of potential ground water resources is valuable to assist the public in determining the available ground water resources and the most economical approach to explore and develop a potential ground water supply. Ground water interpretation is determined using geology and ground water resource maps along with water well driller reports, geophysical logs (E-logs) and any relevant local studies that have occurred in the area. The assessment includes information on the various exploration methods, well design considerations, importance of routine water quality testing, possible water treatment requirements, and ground water protection practices, including well decommissioning. Information on water well maintenance includes assistance on detecting and determining water well problems and providing proper methods for chlorination of water wells. This service is geared primarily to individuals or drillers undertaking work for individuals. Same day service is generally provided. For clients requiring larger volumes of water, raw data may be provided.

If you require this information, please contact the Water Security Agency by phone (306) 694-3900 or email: (

Water Well Information Database

The Water Security Agency collects and maintains a database of drilling records submitted by water well drillers. The Water Wells database contains approximately 125,000 records with nearly 2,000 new drilling reports added annually. The database contains information such as the local lithology, well completion, well depth, etc. and is available to the public.

The water well driller report database is available online. The Saskatchewan Ground Water Resources GIS Web Mapping application is accessible to the public at the following website: Please note that the database does not contain all the wells completed in the Province, only those that were submitted by drillers. Geophysical logs (E-logs) are not available on this site. The site allows the user to view the information from the original water well report, print individual records and overlying map(s) illustrating the location of the wells in relation to other wells or other geographic features.

If you require this information, please contact the Water Security Agency by phone (306) 694-3900, e-mail: (, or fax (306) 694-3944.

Information Use Disclaimer

The majority of the information in the water wells database is based on the descriptions and interpretations provided by the water well drillers, without modification. Please note the data at this site have not been verified.

The size and location of potential aquifers on the map are subjective and may not occur exactly as displayed. The maps are based on interpretations and extrapolation of the data available and should not be used for decisions on development or well installation without site specific test drilling to verify the geology. The maps only provide the stratigraphic framework at the regional scale in order to provide guidance to site specific investigations.