Water Security Agency

Operating Plans

The Water Security Agency regulates the operation of all water control structures in the province with the objective of maximizing benefits to Saskatchewan residents. The Water Security Agency operates and maintains 49 dams in Saskatchewan including the four major dams; Gardiner Dam, Qu’Appelle Dam, Rafferty Dam and Alameda Dam. 

The Basin Operations unit of the Water Security Agency is developing Reservoir Operating Plans (ROP) for all of the Agency owned and operated reservoirs.  

The ROP document represents a single source of information related to the physical parameters and the operation of a reservoir under normal, low, and high flow conditions. It is intended as a stand-alone document, based on available in-house documentation and expertise and has been reviewed by Infrastructure, Basin Operations, and Regional Operations units within the Water Security Agency. The ROP was designed to also be easily incorporated within an Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Manual, as recommended by the Canadian Dam Association.