Water Security Agency

Flood Watch

The Water Security Agency has launched a Flood Watch webpage to help Saskatchewan residents prepare for possible flooding. This webpage brings together timely information and updates to help citizens prepare for possible flood events as they occur in the province.

This webpage also provides citizens with vital, up-to-date, and readily accessible information to help ensure their safety and to mitigate flood damage to homes and other property.

Check the flow of water near you:

Streams Flows and Lake Levels

Flood Protection Information:

How to Construct a Sandbag Levee
How to use Sandbags
Flood-Fight Handbook – Preparing for a Flood

Flood Related Programs:

Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP)
Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP)

Flood safety information:

Flood safety tips from SaskPower
Flood safety tips from SaskEnergy
Private Wells That Are Impacted By Flood Water
Well Owner’s Guide to Water Well Management

Well Disinfection

Low Level Chlorine Well Disinfection (Shock Disinfection)
High Level Chlorine Well Disinfection (Shock Disinfection)

Flood information links:

Preparing for a Flood – A Guide for Home Owners
Electrical safety before, during and after a flood
Gas Safety before, during and after a flood
Highway Hotline
The Weather Network
Canadian Red Cross – Saskatchewan

Government Agencies 

Ministry of Government Relations
Ministry of Health