Water Security Agency

Annual Report

Letter of Transmittal

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

I respectfully submit the Annual Report of the Water Security Agency (WSA) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.

This year presented major challenges for the province as we worked through the unprecedented global pandemic that highlighted the responsiveness and critical importance of the province’s key priorities including the security, safety, and reliability of Saskatchewan’s water supply. The global pandemic demonstrated the foresight of our government’s forward thinking 25-year Water Security Plan, which prioritizes a commitment to monitoring and reporting, education, and compliance for safe water and wastewater that WSA rigorously protects. WSA plays a central role in supporting Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for the Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030 through its mandate to responsibly and sustainably manage our water resources to enhance and expand economic growth, improve quality of life, and enhance environmental well-being.

The Water Security Agency is achieving this with a cultural shift towards a client-focused approach to the services we provide, renewal of infrastructure with the addition of 72 dams transferred from the federal government, and the announcement last year of the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Projects – a ten-year legacy project that will add up to 500,000 irrigable acres to our province – strengthening Saskatchewan and our province’s long-term food security.

The expansion of WSA’s mandate is consistent with the expansion of growth in the province as water is an economic driver. It is time to reframe how water is managed in Saskatchewan to ensure the growth targets are achieved while regulating this essential resource. WSA continued to progress other ongoing initiatives, strategies, and commitments, supporting economic growth, quality of life and environmental well-being, now and into the future, while reflecting government’s accountability and expenditure management commitments.

I thank the professionals at WSA, as well as many people active in our municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors for their continuing collaborative work on ensuring we manage our water resources successfully for the future


Honourable Fred Bradshaw

Minister Responsible for Water Security Agency