Water Security Agency

Annual Report

Letter of Transmittal
Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

I respectfully submit the Annual Report for the Water Security Agency for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022.

This year, as we saw the province, and the world, begin to reopen and transition to living with COVID-19, I am happy to report that the Water Security Agency’s (WSA) commitment to providing a safe, secure and reliable water supply for the Province of Saskatchewan never waivered. The agency delivered its programs and regulatory oversight throughout the pandemic with professionalism and a renewed focus on improving client interactions.

WSA supports Saskatchewan’s ability to cope with, adapt, innovate and thrive through improved resilience and protection of vital water systems securing water for the future and long-term needs of the citizens of Saskatchewan. WSA continues to make progress on ongoing initiatives, strategies and commitments, supporting economic growth, quality of life and environmental well-being, while reflecting government’s accountability and expenditure management commitments.

The Honourable Jeremy Cockrill
Minister Responsible for Water Security Agency