Water Security Agency

Water Demand Study

Saskatchewan is a growing province with our population now reaching the highest level it’s ever been as more people live, work and play here.

As this growth takes place it also increases the demands on our water supply. The Water Security Agency is proactively looking at what those demands might be now and into the future. The study was undertaken by Dr. Suren Kulshreshtha from the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics. This activity is an important component of the work that is underway in the Water Availability Study.

The objective of the Water Demand Study was to assess our current and future water demands in various economic sectors and by major drainage basins in Saskatchewan.

Eleven river basins were included in the study.  More detailed investigations were completed for the Qu’Appelle River, South Saskatchewan River and North Saskatchewan River basins.

This study investigates the water demand side of integrated water management. It was undertaken to estimate current (2010) water demand levels and forecast them for various Saskatchewan River basins by types of sectors for three future periods – Year 2020, 2040, and 2060.