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Old Wives Lake Watershed

The Old Wives Lake Watershed is located in southwestern Saskatchewan and is part of the Missouri River Basin. The watershed is approximately 16,850 km2 and is bounded to the east by the Moose Jaw River Watershed and to the west by the Swift Current Creek Watershed. It is a unique watershed as it is closed to surface water outflow, meaning water only exits through evapotranspiration, groundwater recharge, and consumption.

The Wood River, Chaplin, and Old Wives lakes are the dominant surface water resources in the area. The Notukeu, Pinto, Wiwa and Russell creeks are other important local water resources. There are also a number of reservoirs in the watershed. Thomson Reservoir is the most prominent as it is supplies a number of communities, as well as recreational and agricultural uses.

Residents of the Old Wives Lake Watershed, through their participation on a Watershed Advisory Committee and with technical assistance and support from government and non-government organizations, have completed the Old Wives Lake Watershed Plan (see “Related Document” link on right). This plan contains 6 goals, 16 objectives and 34 key actions, which address drinking water safety, water quality and ecosystem health, drought and excessive moisture preparedness, and sustainable water use.

The implementation of the plan is being led by the Old Wives Watershed Association, a locally-based watershed stewardship group that has been operating in this watershed for over 10 years. For more information on the implementation of the Old Wives Lake Watershed Plan, please contact:

Brittany Hesjedal, Watershed Coordinator
Old Wives Watershed Association

Old Wives Watershed Planning Map