Water Security Agency

Application Review Process

How the permit process works

WSA evaluates each AHPP application on a case-by-case basis.

In general, the applicant is responsible for planning the project to ensure impacts to the aquatic environment are minimized. The applicant must complete the AHPP application form and provide supporting information (i.e., site photos, maps, drawings, etc.) to WSA.

Once the application is received, WSA’s target to review the application and make a decision is 45 business days (12 weeks during high volume periods).

During our review, we may require additional information or clarification from the applicant or need to circulate the application for internal review and/or coordination with external agencies.

In some cases, an AHP Specialist may do a pre-construction site visit.

Once our review is complete, the applicant will be notified of our decision. If the aquatic environment cannot be adequately protected from work activities, the permit may be declined, and the applicant will be notified; otherwise, a permit will be issued for the work. The applicant is responsible for following all the conditions on the permit.

During or after the project, Conservation Officers from the Ministry of Environment, or an Aquatic Habitat Protection Specialist from WSA, may do a site inspection.