Water Security Agency

Agricultural Water Management Research Demonstration Projects

In 2020, Water Security Agency (WSA) began working with agricultural, environmental and community leaders to demonstrate and test innovative water management solutions throughout Saskatchewan that will provide a roadmap for landowners looking to develop agricultural water management projects.

Together, we have been undertaking 11 agricultural water management demonstration projects across the province that would enhance the production and profitability of farmers and ranchers, while safeguarding neighbouring farms, local infrastructure, water quality, habitat and the environment.

WSA has partnered with 10 stakeholder groups to help lead these research demonstration projects. The knowledge gained will inform a new mitigation policy set to be introduced in 2023 and best practices to help farmers and ranchers manage water on their land and to protect their operations, especially during flood and drought years.

These projects are taking place in a variety of regions including Redvers, Yorkton, Melfort, Langham and Regina. With Saskatchewan’s vast terrain there is no one-size fits all approach, which is why it is important to study all regions. 

We talked to the landowners about each of their projects. Here is what they had to say…

Bauche Project

Discovery Farm Project

Odgers Project

Arm River Project

Gust Project

Heggie Project

Gray Project

Knutson Project

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