Water Security Agency

WSA Yorkton 93-07

The City of Yorkton is the largest community in Saskatchewan relying on groundwater and utilizes several well fields and aquifers for its municipal water supply.  In order to better understand the aquifers providing the City’s groundwater supply the Yorkton Aquifer Management Plan was initiated in the 1990’s.  As part this work a number of observation wells were installed and nine of these were incorporated into the network.   

Observation well WSA Yorkton 93-07 was constructed in 1993 to a depth of 18.62 metres in the Logan aquifer system and is located in the City of Yorkton’s Logan West well field.  Its purpose is to obtain long term water level records for the Logan aquifer system and to relate these water level fluctuations to both climate and withdrawals.  The well is completed in sands and gravels which lie directly on the Pierre shale bedrock bedrock surface.  

WSA Yorkton 93-07 is located between Yorkton’s well #001 and #002 and its hydrograph appears to show the affects of pumping from these wells with fairly rapid changes in water level occurring.  A record low water level of around 499.25 metres was experienced in 2003 and a record high peak of about 501.6 occurred 2010.  Water levels were again high in 2013.  

Water from WSA Yorkton 93-07 is the calcium-bicarbonate type with a sum of ions concentration of 1126 mg/L.

Land Location
Yorkton MW 93-07
SE02-35-25-04 W2