Water Security Agency

WSA Winnipeg

Observation well WSA Winnipeg was constructed in 1987 as part of the Regina Aquifer Management Plan.  It is completed to a depth of 29.41 metres in unconfined sands of the Condie aquifer. 

In the past the City of Regina relied heavily on groundwater from several wellfields and aquifers to meet its water requirements.  However, this use began to decline in the late 1980’s and by the late 1990’s had virtually ceased.  WSA Winnipeg is located about 1,600 meters east of the former City of Regina production well R2, which was decommissioned in December 1988.  Monitoring of WSA Winnipeg began in 1989 and over the first three or four years water levels fluctuated between 575.5 and 576 metres.  Since that time water levels have been increasing, reaching the current record high levels of around 577.6 metres.   

Water from WSA Winnipeg has a sum of ions concentration of 1957 mg/L and is of the calcium/magnesium-sulphate/bicarbonate type.

Land Location
Regina Winnipeg
NW05-08-18-19 W2