Water Security Agency

WSA Warman 2

Observation well WSA Warman 2 was constructed 1979 to replace Warman 1 which was completed in 1965, but had failed.  Warman 2 is completed to a depth of 108.51 metres into Empress Group sands and gravels within the Tyner Valley aquifer north of the City of Saskatoon.  Recharge of the Tyner Valley Aquifer in this locality will occur from vertical infiltration through the overlying till and from longitudinal flow northward along the trend of the Tyner Valley Aquifer System.

Unfortunately, the water level records for WSA Warman 1 and 2 are not continuous and thus they are shown as two separate hydrographs.  Typically, seasonal minimums occur in late fall with maximums in the late spring/early fall, with seasonal fluctuations varying from a few centimetres to less than half a meter.  An exception to this occurred in late 1989/early 1990 when a sharp downward spike of over half a metre occurred.  The reason for this spike is unknown.  Starting in 2005, several years of strong recharge have led to record high water levels of about 453.8 metres.  It should be noted that the depth to water in this well is just  over 64 metres.     

Water obtained from WSA Warman 2 is of the sodium-sulphate/bicarbonate type and has a total dissolved solids concentration of approximately 1960 mg/L.

There is no E-Log for Warman 2, but the log from Warman 1 is considered representative due to their close proximity.

Land Location
Warman No.1 & No.2