Water Security Agency

WSA Unity

Observation well WSA Unity was constructed in 1967 to a depth of 26.72 metres into an unconfined intertill sand and gravel deposit. Based on the topography it is anticipated the groundwater flow in the aquifer will be toward the Dempster Brook and Killsquaw Lakes area.

The well does not show any obvious seasonal trends and annual water level changes are typically 0.20 metres or less.  The hydrograph’s minimum water level of about 656.2 metres occurred when monitoring began in 1967, followed by increases of the water levels.  From 1974 until 2008 water levels fluctuated between 656.5 and 657 metres, but since 2008 they have been increasing.  An unusually large water level increase in 2012 led a record high peak water level of almost 658 metres in 2013.      

Water from WSA Unity is of the calcium/magnesium-bicarbonate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 944 mg/L.

Land Location
SE01-28-40-21 W3