Water Security Agency

WSA Stenen

Observation well WSA Stenen was constructed in 1965 to a depth of 14.63 metres to observe natural groundwater level fluctuations in a surficial aquifer in east-central Saskatchewan. The well is completed in a surficial sand plain deposit extending to the Assiniboine River, approximately 3 km to the west. The general direction of the groundwater flow is determined by the topography, which slopes to the west.

Typcially, seasonal fluctuations in WSA Stenen reach their minimums in March with maximums occurring between May and July.  Annual fluctuations vary between 0.10 and 0.50 metres, although the increase in 2010 was about 0.75 metres.  The large increase in 2010 combined with further recharge in 2011 and 2012 led to a record high water level of about 493.75 metres in the spring of 2012.  Water levels remained high in 2013.  The hydrograph’s record low of about 492.1 metres occurred when the well was constructed in 1965.   

WSA Stenen yields water of the calcium-bicarbonate type with a sum of ions concentration of about 573 mg/L.

Land Location
SE16-07-33-3 W2