Water Security Agency

WSA Shaunavon

Observation well WSA Shaunavon was constructed in 1966 to a depth of 15.67 metres to observe groundwater level fluctuations in a shallow bedrock aquifer in the vicinity of the Town of Shaunavon.  It is completed into fine to medium grained sand of the undifferentiated Frenchman, Battle, Whitemud, and Eastend Formations which are overlain by drift, mainly till. 

The Saskatchewan Research Council concluded that the flow in the aquifer system in this area is toward Swift Current Creek.  Water level minimums in the well typically occur in March with maximums occurring in June.  The aquifer is also very sensitive to spring recharge with some years showing strong recharge of half a metre or more and some years showing very little recharge.  Strong recharge in  2010 and 2011 resulted in a 2011 water level peaking at a record high elevation of around 895.9 metres.  The total increase from the late winter of 2010 to the late spring of 2011 was about 2 metres.  In the 44 years of monitoring prior to 2010, the total fluctuation on the hydrograph was only 1.3 metres, ranging from 893.7 to about 895 metres.  Water levels in the well have subsided somewhat but remain high.  It is possible that WSA Shaunavon may be affected by pumping by the Town of Shaunavon. 

WSA Shaunavon yields water of the sodium-bicarbonate/sulphate type with a sum of ions concentration of approximately 1090 mg/L.  

Land Location
NE13-34-08-19 W3