Water Security Agency

WSA Regina 530

Observation well WSA Regina 530 was constructed in 1978 to a depth of 38.56 metres into the top portion of the Upper Floral Formation sands and gravels forming the Regina Aquifer.  At the well site, the Regina Aquifer is separated from the overlying Condie Aquifer by a 5-metre-thick aquitard formed by tills of the Floral and Battleford Formations.  The Condie Aquifer is formed by the saturated portion of the Condie sands.

WSA Regina 530 was constructed to monitor the impact of withdrawals by the City of Regina from the Regina Aquifer. In the past, the City of Regina relied heavily on groundwater from several well fields and aquifers to meet its water requirements.  However, this use began to decline in the late 1980s and by the late 1990s had virtually ceased.  Water levels in WSA Regina 530 reached a record low of about 557 metres in 1984, which was followed by an increasing water level trend coincidental with the reduction in withdrawals by the city.  This has led to high water levels that are now fluctuating at just over 560 metres. Industrial use of groundwater from the Regina Aquifer continues and is probably still affecting the water level in the observation well.

Water obtained from WSA Regina 530 is of the calcium/magnesium-bicarbonate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 608 mg/L.

Land Location
Regina 530
NW12-15-18-20 W2