Water Security Agency

WSA Regina TH81-2

Monitoring well TH81-2 was completed in 1981 to a depth of 68.58 metres below ground surface into the Zehner Aquifer, north of the Boggy Creek gravel pits.

Groundwater levels generally range between 601 and 605 metres above sea level between 2010 and 2022. The hydrograph for TH81-2 showed a minimum of 594 metres above sea level in 2015, which coincides with emergency use by the City of Regina. The total decline was approximately 8 metres from 602 metres above sea level. The maximum recorded groundwater levels are 605 metres above sea level occurred in early 2016.

Water quality in the TH81-2 observation well is of the calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate/sulfate type. The total sum of ions was 717 mg/L.

Land Location
Regina TH81-2