Water Security Agency

WSA Regina D4-86

Monitoring well D4-86 was installed in 1986 into the lower floral formation of the Zehner Aquifer at a depth of 55.63 metres below ground surface. The piezometer was constructed to monitor production well BCW7-86 operated by the City of Regina.

Groundwater levels generally ranged between 599 and 603.5 metres above sea level between 2010 and 2022. The hydrograph shows a gradual decline in water levels between 2012 and 2022. The lowest water level in 2015 coincides with emergency groundwater usage by the City of Regina. The recorded high-water level occurred in late 2012 at about 603.5 metres above sea level. This well shows the fluctuations from regular pumping by other users in this area

Water obtained from the D4-86 observation well indicates it is of the sulphate/bicarbonate type with a sum of ions of approximately 356 mg/L.

Land Location
Regina D4-86