Water Security Agency

WSA Regina 96-01

Observation well 96-01pz was installed in 1996 into the Zehner Aquifer at a depth of 65.03 metres below the ground surface. The well was completed in support of the City of Regina’s expansion of the Boggy Creek wellfield and its intended purpose was to monitor a nearby production well.

The hydrograph for 96-01 shows that groundwater levels generally ranged between 595 and 601 metres above sea level between the years 2010 and 2022. The hydrograph also shows a gradual decline in water levels between 2012 and 2022. The maximum water level was 601.3 metres above sea level, recorded in 2012 while the minimum water level of 592 metres above sea level was reached in mid- 2015. A sudden decrease in the water level occurred in 2015 and was due to emergency groundwater use by the City of Regina. This monitoring well is also affected by various other pumping wells in the area.

Water quality in 96-01 is of the calcium-bicarbonate/sulphate type with a sum of ion concentration of 625 mg/L.

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