Water Security Agency

WSA Regina 2010-04(UF)

In 2010, monitoring well 2010-04 (UF) was installed to a depth of 36.58 metres below groundwater surface into the upper floral formation of the Zehner Aquifer.

Groundwater levels generally ranged between 609 and 611 metres above sea level between 2010 and 2022. The maximum recorded water level was 611.4 metres above sea level in January of 2018. Minimum recorded groundwater levels were encountered during the beginning of instrumented observation in mid-2010 at approximately 609 metres above sea level. Water levels increased from 2010 and levelled off at about 611 metres above sea level where they appear to fluctuate seasonally.

Water obtained from 2010-04 (UF) is of the calcium-bicarbonate/sulphate type with a sum of ion concentration of 849 mg/L.


Land Location
Regina 2010-04UF