Water Security Agency

WSA Regina 2010-04(LF)

In 2010, observation well 2010-04 (LF) was installed to a depth of 68.88 metres depth into the lower floral formation of the Zehner Aquifer.

Groundwater levels generally ranged between 608 and 610 metres above sea level between 2010 and 2022. The water level is slightly lower than observation well 2010-04 (UF). The maximum recorded water level was 610 metres above sea level in February of 2017. The lowest recorded groundwater level was found at the beginning of observation record in 2010, which was at just above 608 metres above sea level. Groundwater levels increased until mid-2015 when a sharp decline of about a metre,   before recovering to 609.5 metres above sea level.

Water quality reporting shows that 2010-04 (LF) is of the calcium-bicarbonate/sulphate type with a sum of ions of 577 mg/L.

Land Location
Regina 2010-04 LF