Water Security Agency

Agricultural Water Management Fund

Agricultural water management in Saskatchewan is a key part of the continued growth of a sustainable and resilient agricultural sector in Saskatchewan. The Water Security Agency is helping farmers advance agricultural water management projects to improve farm efficiency and profitability, while mitigating impacts to water quality, flooding and wetland habitat. 

The Water Security Agency’s (WSA) Agricultural Water Management Fund supports responsible drainage by assisting producers or local governments in achieving approvals for water management projects.    

Eligible recipients can receive up to $95,000 per project based on a cost-sharing approach.  

There are three streams of funding available:   

  1. On-Farm Qualified Persons and Mediation Services Support funds the costs of: Qualified Persons (QPs) for targeted drainage projects, including the basic technical, communication, project development and project management components; and mediation services for engaging a mediator to support landowners in coming to an agreement on projects.
  2. Technical Design Solutions Support funds the technical and engineering costs to design solutions for complex drainage projects, including the intermediate design components of QP work.   
  3. Mitigation and Rehabilitation Support funds construction costs to advance drainage projects and associated mitigation and rehabilitation works. 

This funding ensures producers have access to necessary advice, information and tools to help them gain a drainage approval.

To apply, please submit your application to by June 30th, 2024 (intake date one) or September 1st, 2024 (intake date two). For more information see the Program Guide below.

For more information, please contact WSA at or 1.866.727.5420.  

Program Guide

Agricultural Water Management Fund Program Guide

Application Form

Appendix A: Application Form

Appendix B: Drainage Approval Letter of Support Template