Water Security Agency
March 15, 2021

WSA Issues Notice of Blue Water Formation on Pasqua Lake, Testing Results to Follow

March 15, 2021 — The Water Security Agency (WSA) is conducting a chemical and bacteriological analysis of some deep blue water formations found on Pasqua Lake (map attached).

WSA employees collecting water samples on Friday from the formation, which spans an area of approximately 300 meters by up to 100 meters, noticed the blue water on top of the ice as well as in ice fishing holes.

Preliminary results are expected to be received from the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory early this week, with opportunity for a more detailed analysis in the days following. The preliminary result should provide insight into whether this colouring has been caused by a specific incident or whether this is a result of a longer-term phenomenon impacting Pasqua Lake. WSA is also collaborating on this work with Dr. Peter Leavitt, Director of the Institute of Environmental Change and Society at the University of Regina.

Some local residents and fishers began reporting the blue water late last week, leading to some proactive work running into the weekend by WSA staff to gather samples and begin the scientific process of identifying the origin of colouring. WSA officials are also reaching out to local First Nations  and stakeholders in the area to brief them on the ongoing investigation.

WSA will update the public once the preliminary analysis is completed.

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