Water Security Agency
July 18, 2023

WSA Announces Launch of GeoHub Portal

Today, the Water Security Agency of Saskatchewan (WSA) announced the launch of its GeoHub portal, making data used by the agency to monitor and manage the province’s water resources freely available for the public.

“WSA is responsible for the majority of the government’s core water management responsibilities including protecting water quality, ensuring safe drinking water, reducing flood and drought damage, and managing water supply channels and 72 dams,” said Minister Jeremy Cockrill. “In order to perform all these vital functions and more, WSA relies on a wide range of data gathered from monitoring stations across the province; today we are launching the WSA GeoHub to make this information readily available to the public.”

The new WSA GeoHub brings together 17 Geographic Information System (GIS) layers and four web maps in one place. This open-data portal will enable users to quickly and conveniently search and download valuable GIS-based water data on demand.

“Last year, WSA announced that the near-real time data from a dozen weather and soil monitoring stations was being made available to the public, and now we are building on our open-data platform with the new GeoHub,” added Cockrill.

By enabling users to gather this data on demand, users will be able to access data on water in the province more quickly enabling them to make critical decisions in their agricultural operations, planning, or research.

Having easy access to this water data can better enable water management practices for industry and engineering groups, agricultural producers, municipalities, other provincial or federal agencies, and academic researchers.

The new WSA GeoHub can be accessed here –

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