Water Security Agency
December 30, 2021

Work on the Highfield Dam East Low Level Outlet remains on track

In June 2021, the Water Security Agency (WSA) initiated work to rehabilitate and update the Highfield Dam. The Highfield Dam Rehabilitation was under design in 2017 when the dam was transferred to the province from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as part of the federal dam transfer.

“Saskatchewan’s water infrastructure is critical to providing safe, secure and sustainable water to people and producers here,” said Minister Fred Bradshaw, Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency. “Our government, through WSA, is doing the necessary work to ensure our growing province keeps getting the water it needs to support communities and producers for the future.”

The Highfield Dam and reservoir helps provide a safe, stable irrigation supply to the area. The spillway work will bring this dam fully in line with Canadian Dam Association Guidelines and will facilitate low level flows to Rush Lake Creek and further improve flow controls to the reservoir.

“Increasing the supply and security of water in Saskatchewan is a key part of supporting our province’s vital agriculture sector,” said Lyle Stewart, MLA for Lumsden-Morse. “Investments like these will help ensure we retain more of the water our province has and use it smarter and more sustainably.”

WSA is investing up to $8 million in the Highfield Dam Project and work is expected to be complete by spring 2022. It will include work to update Highfield Dam’s East Low Level Outlet and West Spillway.