Water Security Agency
April 18, 2024

Water Security Agency Surcharging Duncairn Dam (Reid Lake)

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is announcing it is temporarily surcharging Duncairn Dam (Reid Lake) to store water for use in the coming irrigation and recreation season. This is part of the operating plan this year, in response to lower than normal snowpack conditions in the area.

Reid Lake is now slightly above full supply level until releases increase with the start of irrigation in the coming weeks.

Ensuring Saskatchewan’s water resources are sustainable, adaptable, and reliable is WSA’s top priority, which is why WSA has implemented measures to optimize water storage in the province’s major reservoirs.

A conservative overwinter plan was implemented for WSA’s reservoirs, including the province’s largest reservoir – Lake Diefenbaker. This plan was designed to retain and store as much water as possible. As a result, Lake Diefenbaker is now more than one metre higher than at this time last year, and about one month ahead of schedule to bring the lake’s levels up.

Currently, 33 of 45 major reservoirs are full or near full, with another six reservoirs 70-90 per cent full and still filling. Only six reservoirs are not expected to fill this year, most of them in southwestern Saskatchewan.

This is a temporary measure in response to this year’s unique conditions that are drier than normal; however, inflows are able to be stored.

WSA is continuously monitoring water conditions in the province and manages Saskatchewan’s water resources to supply communities, support agriculture, recreation and habitat.

WSA will provide regular updates to water conditions as they continue to develop.


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