Water Security Agency
April 5, 2022

Water Security Agency Launches Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program for 2022

The Water Security Agency (WSA) announces it is launching the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP) for 2022 to help Saskatchewan communities and residents respond to the challenge of possible flooding.

The EFDRP was first established in 2011 to provide assistance with implementing emergency flood damage protection measures for communities, rural municipalities, businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals with rural yard sites, country residences and cottages to prevent damage from imminent risk of flooding. 

WSA is investing up to $500,000 for 2022. 

The EFDRP provides financial, engineering and technical support to evaluate the potential flood risk to buildings and to identify options to mitigate the risk when flooding is imminent. Services include client discussions, site visits, hydrological and other technical evaluations, developing mitigation recommendations and cost share funding for permanent flood defenses and temporary relief through pumping.

While many parts of the province have seen low or below normal snowfalls this winter, spring runoff is variable and can cause localized flooding if conditions are right.

EFDRP expenditures do reap long term preventative financial benefits. WSA has reviewed the program and determined each dollar invested in flood damage prevention saves a future $20 to $30 in property damage.

For more information on the EFDRP and details on how to apply, please click here.

For more information, contact:

Sean Osmar
Water Security Agency
Moose Jaw
Phone: 306.630.4643
Email: Sean.Osmar@wsask.ca