Water Security Agency
February 14, 2023

Water Security Agency Helping Producers Plan Sustainable Agricultural Water Management Projects

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is offering free workshops called AgH2Onward to introduce farmers and ranchers to the Agricultural Water Management Strategy in Saskatchewan. The workshops explore the process and benefits of obtaining drainage approvals and techniques to best manage water on their land. 

These free half-day workshops are being offered online and in-person until April 2023. Scheduled in-person workshops will begin in March.

“Often, the biggest challenge is knowing where to start,” AgH2Onward Coordinator Julie Mackenzie said. “These workshops will introduce producers to well-designed drainage projects and help them incorporate strategies best suited for their farm or ranch operations and the regional landscape.” 

This is the second consecutive year WSA is hosting these workshops. 

The course covers various types of water management practices such as surface ditches, tile drainage and wetland consolidation, completing a network project with neighbouring landowners, and using a qualified person to assist landowners through the process. 

The Agricultural Water Management Strategy is a made-in-Saskatchewan approach that supports economic growth, thriving communities and resilient watersheds. It was implemented in 2015 to provide support and opportunities for farmers and ranchers to effectively manage excess water on agricultural land and safeguard against downstream flooding, water quality and environmental impacts.

Producers can learn more and register at WSA will also host in-person or online workshops for organizations, groups or communities upon request. 

For more information about these workshops, please contact:

Julie Mackenzie
AgH2Oward Coordinator