Water Security Agency
March 22, 2021

Saskatchewan Celebrates “World Water Day”

March 22, 2021 – Water is one of the most important resources in the province. Its value is as important to Saskatchewan’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing as the Riders winning the Grey Cup.

World Water Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the province’s vast infrastructure, like the nine major dams: Gardiner, Qu’Appelle, Rafferty, Grant Devine, Duncairn, Lafleche, Eastend, Val Marie and West Val Marie. These dams produce safe drinking water and, in some cases, hydroelectricity, irrigation, industrial production, flood control and recreational opportunities.

“Today, we are reminded of our good fortune to live in a province with a sustainable, reliable and clean supply of fresh water,” Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency Fred Bradshaw said. “Given our rising population, economic development, and agricultural and industrial growth, effective water management may be the most important factors driving forward Saskatchewan’s growth in the next 20 years.”

Here are a few #DamGoodFacts:

  • The Water Security Agency (WSA) operates 72 dams and their related water supply channels in Saskatchewan;
  • Lake Diefenbaker, which provides clean drinking water to nearly half the province, is formed by Qu’Appelle River Dam and Gardiner Dam;
  • Gardiner Dam stands 10 metres higher than Niagara Falls; and
  • If you were to walk the entire shoreline of Lake Diefenbaker, it would be like walking from Regina to Calgary.

As part of the 2030 Growth Plan, the province is supporting the development and implementation of a water management strategy that will ensure water security for years to come.

World Water Day focuses on the sustainable management of freshwater resources, and asks countries, communities and individuals to confront issues such as responsible water use, water scarcity, pollution, inadequate water supply, water’s role in supporting economic growth and climate change. 

Commemorated since 1993, the theme of World Water Day 2021 is “Valuing Water.”

In Saskatchewan, WSA is also responsible for managing the province’s water supply, protecting water quality, ensuring safe drinking water and regulating the treatment of wastewater. WSA works to reduce flood and drought damage, protect aquatic habitat and provide information about water to the public.

For more information, contact:

Patrick Boyle
Water Security Agency
Moose Jaw
Phone: 306-631-6997
Email: Patrick.Boyle@wsask.ca