Water Security Agency
December 30, 2021

New Look for Gardiner Dam Office Space

Minister Fred Bradshaw, Minister of Highways and Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency (WSA), has announced the construction of a new headquarters building and maintenance shop for the operations centre at Gardiner Dam.

“Gardiner Dam is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure in the province, and together with Lake Diefenbaker, is responsible for helping provide water to 60 per cent of Saskatchewan people,” said Bradshaw. “The previous building served as the soils lab during the construction of the dam, more than 60 years ago, and was later repurposed as the site office. As operations grow and become more complex, this new headquarters space and maintenance shop will help serve our operations for the coming decades.”

Gardiner Dam helps provide large parts of the province with drinking water, irrigation, flood and drought protection and serves as a recreation site for thousands of Saskatchewan people. As part of the province’s planned Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Projects, the lake and Gardiner Dam will be the flagship facility for a network of new and expanded irrigation across western Saskatchewan.

The new facility will house expanded office space for larger training exercises for WSA staff and will be better suited to welcome visitors for tours. It is being designed with the future in mind with space for future expansion.

The new maintenance shop will house three bays to accommodate larger, newer and more specialized equipment that WSA personnel use to help maintain the safe, sustainable and secure water sources the province will need for future growth.

“Our government has a plan for the next decade of growth in this province, to grow our population, to grow our economy to support them; important investments like the new headquarters and maintenance facility at Gardiner Dam will help ensure we continue to provide a safe and secure supply of water to sustain that growth,” added Bradshaw.

The province is investing $5.7 million to construct the new facility and is expected to be complete by summer 2022. The new facility will be over 10,000 square feet to properly house staff and equipment for the coming decades.