Water Security Agency
December 7, 2021

Minister Bradshaw brought greetings to 26th Annual Irrigation Saskatchewan Conference, highlighting the importance of sustainable irrigation in the province

Today, Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency (WSA) Fred Bradshaw, spoke to Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association (SIPA) and Irrigation Crops Diversification Corporation (ICDC) members at the annual conference. “It is clear that water is a central component to our province’s growth, and irrigators will play an important role in continuing to grow our province. Our government often says that Saskatchewan has what the world needs – food, fuel and fertilizer. But none of that can happen without a supply of water that is safe, secure, sustainable and smart.”

The Government of Saskatchewan’s investment in the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Projects will support the growth of a strong economy by creating more than 2,500 jobs per year over the course of the ten-year development. Once fully completed, it is expected to add $40 to 80 billion towards the province’s GDP.

In 2019, Saskatchewan exported $12.9 billion in agri-food products. As part of the province’s growth plan, the goal is to increase that number to $20 billion by 2030. By increasing the quantity and value of our province’s exports, we create a more profitable, sustainable and diversified economy.

“Saskatchewan’s growth in agriculture and the agri-food sector is no small part thank to the benefits that irrigation brings,” said Bradshaw. “And the work that that SIPA and ICDC do throughout the province, helping producers explore and expand irrigation and identifying new opportunities for irrigation across Saskatchewan, is vital. New and expanded irrigation at Lake Diefenbaker and elsewhere will only further strengthen our agricultural producers, the agri-food sector and the province as a whole.”

Minister Bradshaw closed his remarks by thanking SIPA and ICDC for their advocacy on behalf of a key part of our province’s economy, and their commitment to the Province of Saskatchewan. He committed to continuing to be a partner in building infrastructure, collaborating with producers and communities, and finding working solutions to help ensure SIPA, ICDC and Saskatchewan continue to help build and make a stronger Saskatchewan now and for the future.