Water Security Agency
March 23, 2023

Budget 2023-24

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is continuing investments to enhance and improve vital water infrastructure, expand irrigation opportunities and improve flood mapping risk assessments for communities across Saskatchewan with a total budget investment of $147 million.

“WSA is a key part of our province’s plan to support growth and improve the lives of Saskatchewan people,” said Jeremy Cockrill, Minister Responsible for WSA. “These investments mean we will continue to deliver safe, secure, clean, reliable water to communities, producers and industry, while protecting the environment.”

In Budget 2023-24, WSA is building on its mission to manage water resources for a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people with:

  • $40 million for water infrastructure rehabilitation to ensure a safe and reliable water supply to support a growing population and economy;
  • $32 million to support irrigation development contributing to the economic and food security goals of Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan;
  • Up to $10 million for the Grant Devine Dam Floodway project ensuring continued safe operation and flood protection;
  • $2 million to expedite flood plain mapping to mitigate community flood risk, resulting in cost savings to citizens, local businesses and the province;
  • $500,000 pilot program for cost-sharing upgrades on non-WSA bridges and culverts, safeguarding water structure operations.

WSA continues to focus on improving programs and services to better serve the citizens of Saskatchewan. In 2022-23, using existing resources, two new units were created to support economic development and improve client services. This year, these units will work with clients to explore new opportunities to contribute to Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for the Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030.

WSA’s budget for this year includes investment in new infrastructure projects and programs, as well as regular ongoing operational and maintenance outlays.

WSA is a unique organization in Canada – bringing together the majority of government’s core water management responsibilities in one place. WSA is committed to ensuring we can continue to deliver water safely and reliably for a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people.

For more information, contact:
Patrick Boyle
Water Security Agency
Moose Jaw
Phone: 306.631.6997