Water Security Agency
June 25, 2024

Agricultural Water Management Funding Now Available  

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is renewing the Agricultural Water Management Fund to support agricultural producers and local governments to develop water management projects. Since 2022, it helped 21 projects across the province to support the continued growth of a sustainable and resilient agricultural sector in Saskatchewan. 

“We are pleased to offer a program that will help Saskatchewan producers manage water responsibly and sustainably,” Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency David Marit. “Saskatchewan producers are the best stewards of the land and we believe supporting our agricultural sector with programs like this leads to a growing and vibrant agricultural sector.” 

Applicants can receive up to $95,000 per project based on a cost-sharing approach. It can be used for qualified persons support, technical and engineering costs, and mitigation and rehabilitation works for agricultural water management projects.  

This program is part of WSA’s ongoing commitment to supporting the agricultural community in developing and maintaining responsible agricultural water management projects in Saskatchewan. Eligible recipients include: 

• Individuals or corporations registered in Saskatchewan who own, lease, or rent property for agricultural production purposes  
• First Nations in Saskatchewan 
• Saskatchewan rural municipalities  
• Conservation & Development Area Authorities  
• Watershed Association Boards  
• Watershed Stewardship Groups  
• Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds  
• Irrigation Districts  
• Consultants recognized by WSA as Qualified Persons 

For more information about the Agricultural Water Management Fund, please visit

For further information 

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