Water Security Agency

Irrigation and Economic Development

The Irrigation and Economic Development Branch at WSA work together to use water as a key economic driver, supporting Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan through irrigation and industry expansion and innovative water management.

By creating a more resilient prairie economy and enhancing climate change resiliency, we deliver exceptional service to our diverse clients, including agricultural producers, communities, suppliers, processors, municipalities, and industry partners.

Irrigation Initiatives
and Pilot Projects

Discover WSA’s ongoing pilots and initiatives that promote sustainable water usage for irrigation and introduce innovations to expand acreage in areas with limited water supply.

Irrigation Project Status

Learn about the status of WSA’s irrigation expansion projects across Saskatchewan and explore the opportunities they bring for economic growth and food security.

Irrigation Applications
and Forms

Are you looking to start an irrigation project or expand a current project? Learn about WSA’s requirements, including permits, applications, and procedures for irrigation development in Saskatchewan.