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Ten Day Forecasts for the Saskatchewan River System:

Oct. 31, 2019

With the seasonal closure of many of the streamflow gauging stations used in the development of this product and freeze-up occurring, this will be the final 10-Day Saskatchewan River Basin Forecast for 2019. The production of this product will resume in 2020 once the necessary data becomes available. This will occur following the breakup of the ice cover on the channels, which typically occurs in late April on the South Saskatchewan River and early May on the North Saskatchewan River.

Note that with freeze-up processes underway, the uncertainty in this forecast is higher than normal.

At this time, we expect that winter flows and reservoir operations throughout the system will be near normal. The Water Security Agency will continue to keep stakeholders which have the potential of being impacted by changing flows informed through direct communication during the winter period if significant changes to flows or levels are expected.