Water Security Agency

Constructed Irrigation Canals

Constructed irrigation canals are important to sustain economic growth in Saskatchewan and supply water for irrigation projects and other uses (i.e., municipal, industrial, etc.). 

Drainage and work activities within constructed irrigation canals may occur without an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit (AHPP) provided maintenance and construction activities do not result in the discharge of sediment to a receiving watercourse or waterbody. Works that do not qualify include realigned natural watercourses, non-irrigation related drainage works and stormwater management works.

The following activities require an AHPP:

  • Work activities in constructed irrigation canals at the inlet and outlet of the canal.
  • Irrigation canals or associated drainage works that require drainage approval will be issued an AHPP as part of the drainage approval for on-going construction and maintenance of the works at the time the drainage approval is issued.

Please contact WSA at 1.866.727.5420 or if you require assistance to determine how this applies to your project.