Water Security Agency
April 11, 2024

WSA Issues High Flow Advisory for Yorkton Area 

Today, the Water Security Agency (WSA) is issuing a high flows advisory for an area stretching from Kelvington to Norquay and south to Langenburg, including the area around Yorkton.  

This area still has significant snowpack that is quickly disappearing, and the rapid warming has led to quicker runoff and ice jamming along some tributaries and rivers. Expect elevated flows along rivers and streams. 

WSA advises that flows can change with little advance warning and urges caution along rivers and lakes during the spring melt. 

No communities are currently at risk of flooding; however, some localized flooding may occur on agricultural lands. 

WSA’s Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP) is available to assist communities, rural municipalities, landowners, conservation & development areas, and watershed associations to protect residences and other buildings by implementing emerging flood mitigation measures including:  

  • construction of permanent dykes or berms,  
  • installation of culverts; 
  • construction of permanent diversion works; and,
  • pumping to prevent damage from overland flooding. 

For more information on EFDRP please contact WSA at 1-866-727-5420 or 

WSA will continue to monitor conditions and provide updates as they develop.