Water Security Agency
December 9, 2021

Water Security Agency Urges Caution When Around Lakes and Rivers

The Water Security Agency is reminding the public that the warm fall has resulted in thin ice and creates unsafe crossing conditions. Even with recent snow and colder temperatures, ice thickness is still not thick enough for most activities.

Winter releases from Saskatchewan’s dams and reservoirs are minimal this year; however, thin ice can occur any time throughout the winter months depending on river flows and temperatures.

The Water Security Agency urges extreme caution when on or crossing ice as there is a high risk of thin ice. Individuals should ensure that ice is safe for any wintertime activities that may be planned.

Avoid ice that looks slushy; has thawed, then froze again; is near moving water; is layered, caused by sudden temperature changes; or has structures on it, such as pressure ridges.


For more information, contact:
Sean Osmar
Water Security Agency
Moose Jaw
Phone: 306.630.4643
Email: sean.osmar@wsask.ca