Water Security Agency
March 1, 2017

Water Security Agency Terminates Outflow from Alameda Reservoir

Residents asked to be aware of potential Ice Hazards

March 1, 2017 –The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public about changes in outflow from Alameda Reservoir. There will be a complete termination of outflow which will result in the downstream ice cover dropping up to 1.0 metre.

This termination of outflow has the potential to make the ice unsafe on Moose Mountain Creek below Alameda Dam and on the Souris River downstream of Oxbow. The level of Alameda Reservoir will become more stable, but the ice cover on the reservoir may still pose a hazard.  

Any person on, or near, a lake or river, should use extreme caution when crossing. It is up to the individual to ensure that ice on a river or lake is safe for crossing or winter time activities. The Ministry of Environment recommends the following ice thickness levels when crossing a water body:

•at least four inches thick to walk on;
•six inches to drive a snowmobile or ATV on;
•eight inches for a car or light truck; and
•12 inches for a heavy truck.  

Below normal precipitation in February and the melt that occurred in mid-February resulted in a reduction in the snowmelt inflow expected at Alameda Reservoir. This reduction in the forecast decreases the amount of storage WSA is required to create in Alameda Reservoir under the terms of the international water management agreement with the United States. Based on the latest forecast, Alameda Reservoir is below the drawdown target and the outflow has been terminated. WSA still expects Alameda Reservoir to fill in 2017.

The Water Security Agency is a unique organization in Canada – bringing together all of government’s core water management responsibilities in one place. We manage the province’s water supply, protect water quality, ensure safe drinking water and treatment of wastewater, own and manage 49 dams and related water supply channels, reduce flood and drought damage, protect aquatic habitat, and provide information about water. The Water Security Agency also represents Saskatchewan on transboundary water issues. For more information on water flows and spring runoff visit www.wsask.ca


For more information, contact:

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Water Security Agency
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