Water Security Agency
March 1, 2024

Unscheduled Release from West Val Marie Reservoir

Unexpected inflows to the West Val Marie reservoir (Huff Lake) beginning Friday March 1, 2024 mean that the Water Security Agency (WSA) will be making unscheduled releases from the dam, which could impact and weaken ice conditions downstream of the reservoir along the Frenchman River.

WSA is advising all owners in the area to please remove any ice fishing shacks from the reservoir or areas downstream as soon as possible.

WSA will release 2.6 cubic meters/second (cms) starting Friday March 1, and could increase outflows throughout the weekend.

Increased outflows may cause ice to weaken downstream making it unsafe and unable to support the weight of ice shacks, vehicles, or people.

WSA recommends always checking ice conditions before venturing on to the ice as conditions can change rapidly.

For more information, please contact WSA at 1.866.727.5420 or